Monday, August 31, 2009


Not a very good Photo considering it was taken at midnight using a crappy camera. There is an uncomplete feeling about this one. Something is missing from it but I can not pinpoint it. It was in fact a disappoinment on my behalf. If I could just know what was wrong with it.


Kokopelli said...

Maybe you could add some pearl dangles in between the big stones. Make them longer than the stones, as this would add visual interest.

Bianca Velder said...

I can see somewhat what you mean,the necklace chain is perhaps too dainty to be a contrast to the substantial components, I would work down in the centre, like a medallion drop, the round shape is too, uninterrupted is the word that came to my mind. Still, from a skills perspective, a standout.

Anonymous said...

Do not know if this project is still laying around considering how long ago you posted, but you should make the motif in minature beads and put them upside down in between your big motifs beautiful work and you did not do anything till 009? I loe the flamingo my friend at church collects them I would like to make it but hae limited beads ie no Beautiful pink bead .