Sunday, September 13, 2009


My newest neckie, "Geometry". Beside the obvious facts that lead me to name it "Geometry", it does hold a number of thoughts, personal feelings within its design. I was struggling between the two names "Geometry" and/or "Life". It does representing my life journey, my way of thinking and my hopes. The squares and rectangles intertwined represent my logical approach in life. The rivolis scattered around are events that are "non-logical" but occurs anyway in my life. They are in different shade of light and dark as are good and bad events that occurred. But if we look at out life from a different perspective, these negative and positive events are combined to make a beautiful picture of our life. The centre rivoli is a bigger size and in "light" colour as to represent that light at the end of the tunnel of which I am searching for. Ultimately, my hopes in life.