Saturday, December 20, 2008

Golden Snake

I was meant to do another dragon but half way through I changed my mind and do the snake instead. Inspiration from the TV series "Millenium" logo, a snake eating its tail. Stubborn me wanted to do the head by chainmailled. It took me virtually the whole day working on how to do the head only, totally "free" weaving so it can not be reproduced. I can't remember how. I should have stick to wirework. Then again, this properly is my last chainmaille. Definitely not for me. Two tone again (you guys must be sick looking at my two tone stuffs by now) but more gold this time. 5mm Silver plated and gold plated ring with the exception of 5 large titanium rings for the head.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Golden Dragon" Bracelet

Chainmaille, a new frontier! It is made with 4mm silver ring, goldplated rings and goldfilled wire. A bit of a rush job and unfamiliar techniques of chainmailled.

Golden colour and Dragon are exclusively used for the Emperor only in ancient time. So I guessed my piece could be called "Golden Dragon" bracelet. It is quite small actually with the head is a bit bigger than 5 cents piece.