Monday, August 31, 2009



Not a very good Photo considering it was taken at midnight using a crappy camera. There is an uncomplete feeling about this one. Something is missing from it but I can not pinpoint it. It was in fact a disappoinment on my behalf. If I could just know what was wrong with it.


This piece represent the passion and the peace that love brings. The existence of the two opposite extremes in a harmonic setting (much like yin and yang I supposed).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This necklace is of the same style as "Midnite Princess" but it represent another different design of mine.

Midnite Princess

The second of my new series of necklaces which consist of a number of identical links and a centre piece. This particular necklace is made using 12mm and 14mm Swaovski Taihitian pearls. Its swirls and drops were made using 26g Halfhard wire for stability and hardness.


This is very much my come back piece after a long period on non-active in the wirework front. It is a revisited idea that I had for a very long time, but back in the day the limitation of my technique did not allow me to achieve the desired effect.
It is made with various sizes of Swarovski Rivoli Crystal AB ranging from 14mm to 27mm in a silver and goldfilled wire setting. The centre stone is 27mm Swarovski 1201 Special Stone and it is raised up by 5mm above the actual necklace to give a 3D depth.