Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rise of the Phoenix

My final entry for the Swarovski Competition 08.

Here is a proper photo of my piece "Rise of the Phoenix".

Phoenix is a oriental mystical creature of significant. Same level of significant compare to the Dragon. It represent the female (Yin) in comparison to the Dragon representing the male (Yang).

According to wiki search: Phoenix (mythology), a mythical bird that dies in flames and is reborn from the ashes.

My interpretation, in this case, is the Phoenix just reborn from the ashes.


Maryanne said...

Huan - I'm so glad this got through to the finalists in the comp. It's magnificent!!! You are a truly gifted wire artist.

Kokopelli said...

I agree! This entry is great! Looks like real fire!

Anonymous said...

This is a stunning piece. A magnificient work of art. I hope that you won the competition - otherwise I will have lost all respect for the judges! This should have won hands down!