Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My first Entry in the 2008 Swarovsky competition

This particular design was my first test in wirework 3D structural jewelery. After finishing the framewaork, admitedly I was very very disapointed on how it turned out. I was so ready throwing it into the bin, luckily my wife had a lok at it and said "very nice", I was then so keen to finish it off. It had undergone 1 minor facelift and a change of focal bead from De-art to Baroque pendant.

With the completion of this necklace, I realised that anything (structural that is) is possible with wirework.
I named it : "Meadieval Princess" choker

Materials list:

- 4mm crystal AB bicones

- 4mm Golden shadow bicones

-Golden shadow baroque pendant

-Creamrose pearls round and pear-shaped

-Light rose pearls round and pear-shaped


-Goldfilled round beads

-Goldfilled wire

-Sterling Silver Wire (mostly deadsoft)


Anonymous said...

I can hardly fathom that you were not pleased with this piece right off the bat. It's glorious! I am quickly becoming a fan of your work. You have incredible talent!

Unknown said...

Like a true artist you are too critical of your own work. It is beautiful.....

Gaiia said...

It's one of the most beautiful thing I ever seen... Great!

becca said...

I'm also a wirework artist, and I love your work. I just discovered your blog, and I'm amazed at what you've done. Thank you for sharing!